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  • The The Muffler Doctor Guide to Custom Wheels

    Sunday 05 May 2019

    If you're interested in customizing the wheels and tires on your vehicle, there are a few things you should know first.Most importantly, the wheels you buy need to fit your vehicle. Not all wheels are created equal. Too many KANSAS CITY drivers have bought a set of wheels that caught their eye, then, after going to the work of mounting them, have found that the wheels don't fit right and the tires rub against the vehicle when they turn or go over a bump.To ensure a&nbs... read more

  • Why Wheel Balancing and Tire Rotation Save You Money on Tires

    Sunday 14 April 2019

    KANSAS CITY drivers want their tires to last as long as possible. Two ways to extend tire life are wheel balancing and tire rotation.When wheels are out of balance, they wobble and vibrate. That makes the tires wear in a cupping pattern. If a front wheel is out of balance you'll feel it in the steering wheel. If it's a rear wheel you'll feel it through your seat. To fix this, your technician at The Muffler Doctor puts weights on your wheels to balance them out.That brings us to tire rota... read more

  • How Much is Enough for KANSAS CITY Auto Owners? Tire Tread Depth

    Sunday 17 February 2019

    Most KANSAS CITY drivers know that tires wear out and that the wear has to do with tread depth. Most of us have heard that “bald” tires are dangerous, but most of us picture a tire with no tread at all when we think of a bald tire. And when we take our vehicles in for preventive maintenance, the technician tells us they're need to be replaced long before all the tread is worn off. Just read more

  • KANSAS CITY Tire Repair

    Sunday 03 February 2019

    Most KANSAS CITY residents have experienced a flat tire. You know it's inconvenient and a pain. Our tires are important. Keeping them in good working order isn't just a big safety issue for KANSAS CITY drivers – it also has a financial impact. With high MO gas prices, we've all heard about the importance of keeping proper tire pressure to save on gas. In addition, proper inflation promotes even tread wear so your tires last longer.  There's another danger with... read more

  • By the Numbers: Tire Replacement at The Muffler Doctor in KANSAS CITY

    Tuesday 01 January 2019

    Ever notice that your tire is covered with writing? It's like some hieroglyphic art form. Of course, KANSAS CITY drivers know that it's not just graffiti, but to most of us, it might as well be. Would you like to know what all those codes on your tire mean? It won't lead you to buried treasure, but it could help you make a better tire purchase at your local KANSAS CITY tire store.Prominently featured on your tire is a set of numbers and letters that looks something like this: 225 50 R 16 92 H. T... read more

  • Tire Tread Depth for KANSAS CITY, MO Drivers

    Sunday 23 December 2018

    Driving on bald tires is like playing roulette. Though you may be fine today, eventually your luck is going to run out.The Feds don't have any laws for tread depth, but 42 of the states, and all of Canada, do have regulations. They consider 2/32 of an inch to be the minimum legal tread depth. Two other states, including California, consider 1/32 to be the minimum and six states have no standards at all. Call us at The Muffler Doctor; (just call 816-444-7100) to find out wha... read more

  • The Fallacy of Cheap Tires

    Sunday 25 November 2018

    Do you ever shop for shoes in one of our American Fork area shoe stores?When buying a running shoe, is quality important?Does durability matter as long as the shoes look fabulous?Would you rather have one pair of long lasting shoes or two pair of lower quality shoes at the same price?Is the warranty important when buying tires?When you choose new tires in KANSAS CITY, what's the most important factor for you? Give us a call at The Muffler Doctor a... read more

  • All About Your TPMS in KANSAS CITY

    Sunday 28 October 2018

    KANSAS CITY drivers know that underinflated tires wear out more quickly. Underinflation is also a major cause of tire failure for MO auto owners. More flats, blow outs, skids and longer stopping distances are all results of underinflated tires.It's hard for many KANSAS CITY drivers to tell when a radial tire is underinflated. If your owner’s manual recommends 35 pounds of pressure, your tire is considered significantly under-inflated at 26 pounds. The t... read more

  • Saving Lives in KANSAS CITY with Tire Pressure

    Sunday 10 June 2018

    All new passenger vehicles on our KANSAS CITY, MO, roads now have tire pressure monitoring systems – TPMS for short. They are designed to alert you if your tires are underinflated. Since they are fairly new, a lot of people have questions about them.First off, the most important thing is that you still need to check your tire pressure every week – or at least every time you gas up. The TPMS system alert comes in when your tire is... read more

  • KANSAS CITY Safety Systems: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    Sunday 29 April 2018

    Flats, blow outs, skids and longer stopping distances can all be the result of driving around KANSAS CITY on underinflated tires. Admittedly, it's hard to tell when a radial tire is underinflated. If your vehicle manufacturer recommends 35 pounds of pressure, your vehicle tires are considered significantly underinflated at 26 pounds. The tire may not look low until it gets below 20 pounds.New laws require all vehicles to include a tire pressure monitor system, or... read more

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