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  • Fuel Injection: It Keeps Getting Better for KANSAS CITY Drivers

    Sunday 15 October 2017

    KANSAS CITY residents know that engines need to burn fuel to operate. Fuel is pumped from your fuel tank to your vehicle engine where it is squirted—or injected—into your engine's cylinders. This is the function of the fuel injectors.There are two ways to inject fuel into an engine. Fuel needs air to burn, so in the first method, fuel is injected into a port and allowed to mix with airbefore it is drawn into the cylinders. In the second method... read more

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wheel Bearings

    Tuesday 10 October 2017

    Why are wheel bearings for KANSAS CITY vehicles important? It's simple: your wheel bearings keep the wheels on your vehicle. In today's The Muffler Doctor post, we'll discuss more about wheel bearings and how you can make sure they can do their very job while you drive around KANSAS CITY, MO. Wheel bearings are pretty simple parts. They're made of high quality steel and are engineered to last 100,000 miles (160,000)  or more if properly cared for. The bearings do two jobs... read more

  • Engine Hydration for KANSAS CITY Drivers: Role of Your Water Pump

    Tuesday 03 October 2017

    The cooling system in an engine has five components: the radiator, the radiator cap, the hoses, the thermostat and the water pump. The water is literally the heart of the system. Just as your own heart keeps your blood circulating through your body, the water pump keeps coolant circulating through your engine.The water pump is driven by a belt, chain or gear and only operates while the engine is running. It has a limited life span and sooner or later will have to be replaced. Yo... read more

  • Timing Belt Replacement in KANSAS CITY

    Thursday 28 September 2017

    Today we want to talk to KANSAS CITY drivers about timing belts. They're something that many drivers don't know much about and yet your vehicle won't run if it's broken – and it could cause many thousands of dollars damage if it does break. A broken timing belt is usually a tale of woe. Even though timing belt replacement is scheduled in the owner's manual, it's not the kind of thing that most KANSAS CITY area auto owners remember because it's not well understood.Let's review what a timing... read more

  • What KANSAS CITY Automotive Service Consumers Should Know

    Sunday 10 September 2017

    There are some things drivers should know about KANSAS CITY car service and repair. First and foremost, The Muffler Doctor cares about you and your family's safety. And we really appreciate your business. The Muffler Doctor in KANSAS CITY wants to build a trusting relationship that becomes the foundation for a mutually beneficial experience for years to come.Building on that foundation, there are some things that would help you understand the auto service and repair business better. First, it ca... read more

  • Automotive Tips from The Muffler Doctor: Alignment Inspection

    Sunday 03 September 2017

    Uneven tire wear, the car pulling to one side or a steering wheel that is off-center are signs for KANSAS CITY drivers that their wheels may be out of alignment.When doing an alignment inspection, the service advisor at The Muffler Doctor will inspect your tires for uneven wear as well as suspension and steering parts for signs of wear or damage. He’ll also compare your current alignment with the vehicle manufacturer’s settings.Your vehicle owner’s manual will have a recommendation for... read more

  • Fuel System Cleaning at The Muffler Doctor

    Monday 28 August 2017

    Is your vehicle sometimes hard to start early in the morning? When you turn the key, does it hesitate or stutter? If so, the problem could be the result of a dirty fuel system. Your vehicle's fuel system starts with the air filter and ends in the top of your engine. Over time, different parts of the system get dirty, which robs you of performance and hurts your fuel economy. Most KANSAS CITY vehicles have fuel injectors, rather than a carburetor. Fuel injection systems have fewer probl... read more

  • Let The Muffler Doctor Help You Keep Your Vehicle Another Couple of Years

    Sunday 20 August 2017

    KANSAS CITY area residents may remember when the U.S. government's “Cash for Clunkers” program made a splash on the news scene. People were offered incentives to trade in old vehicles for new, in the interest of better and improved air quality from reduced emissions.But a lot of KANSAS CITY drivers want to hang onto their old clunkers. They're dependable and they're paid for. Owners would love to see the odometers on those vehicles turn past 200,000 miles (320,000 km... read more

  • What to Do After You Buy a Used Vehicle in KANSAS CITY

    Friday 18 August 2017

    So you've bought a used vehicle in the KANSAS CITY area. Do you know what you're getting? It is hard to know what you're getting because people in the KANSAS CITY area sell vehicles for different reasons. Think about why you've sold vehicles. Did you just want something new or were there problems that you wanted to run away from? Maybe it was a little of both.Used vehicles in MO with 25,000 to 35,000 miles/40,000 to 55,000 km on them are often lease returns, corpo... read more

  • Severe Service Requirements

    Sunday 06 August 2017

    A lot of KANSAS CITY drivers have asked whether or not they should use their severe service maintenance schedule, which is listed in their vehicle's  owner's  manual. It can be somewhat confusing, so we decided to consult an expert. Cricket Killingsworth is from QMI/Heartland, a manufacturer of automotive products and fluids. She's been in the automotive business for over 30 years and is a speaker, a trainer and a writer. Cricket says there's so much con... read more

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